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meet jt and skylar.

i’m their personal driver, chef, hair-stylist, dresser, mario kart parter, hockey/cheerleading/soccer/tennis/swim team mom, power bar provider, summer entertainer, etc. 

they are way too cute for their own good. i have the best job ever. 

(jt’s shirt says “my hockey mom can kick your hockey mom’s butt.”)


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sundays in the city

i’ve added a new segment to my life which i am titling city sundays. there is a church in the city  that i am going to this summer and since I am trecking all the way out there in the mornings, i’ve decided that it would only make sense for me to stay there for the day. 


san francisco is such a fun city to explore. there are so many great areas and so much to do. luckily i’ve discovered sfbaygirl who has pointed me in several directions that have yet to let me down. 


the past two sundays i have visited Fort Mason community garden. oh my, i will be going back. it’s basically one large garden made up of 130 smaller gardens. gardeners from all over the bay area sign up to be a member and wait anywhere from 4-8 years just to get a small plot of this garden for themselves. last week it was reallllyyy cold and i was not dressed properly so I could only stay for a little while. this sunday I was dressed a little more appropriately and I took my mom with me. she just got a new camera for her birthday/anniversary/christmas for the next five years, so we played with it a lot and took some fun pictures. 

this is the kind of garden where people play music for the flowers.


come to san francisco to visit me and we will go to fort mason for a picnic in the garden. tempted? 


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can’t sleep? blog.

for some reason i’ve been tossing and turning for the past two hours. i need to sleep but i can’t. boo! here are some lovely things.


In all our wanderings, the watchful glance of the Eternal Watcher is evermore fixed upon us–we never roam beyond the Shepherd’s eye.   

In our sorrows, He observes us incessantly and not a pain escapes Him.

In our toils, He marks all our weariness and writes in His book all the struggles of His faithful ones.

The watchful eye of the Lord encompasses us in all our paths and penetrates the innermost regions of our being.

~Charles Spurgeon



miss you two. 

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peony party

i am currently obsessing over my new favorite flower: the peony. 

what a fun flower! plus, there are so many varieties of peonies that they could easily be my favorite flower for life and i would never get tired of them!

i found this picture on jordan ferry’s blog. i have this lamp, now I just need the peonies!

here is my plan. this fall i will go to the peony garden, order a variety of these beauties, plant them, take care of them, and then in the spring when they bloom, i will have a peony party!!! just like martha stewart. what a lovely lady. 


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a killer combo


Literary devices and domestics, two great pastimes of mine, meet for this award winning tee shirt. I’m unsure of the award it was given but I’m assuming that is what the blue ribbon clip art means. Who is in the business of awarding things like this? I need to talk to those people about getting a job. And on the subject of actually buying this piece of merchandise, I have mixed feelings about text tees or attitude tees, whichever name you prefer. While this shirt is really hilarious and catchy, I don’t know that I would wear it. However, I would put this sticker on my nalgene if one was to exisit… and I would put one on my iron too.

Lauren Calvert actually found this and we laughed for an embarrassingly long time, so I thought I would give your endorphins a boost and share the little piece of brilliance with you. Enjoy, my friends.

(Shortly, on another subject: Steve Carell is on Larry King Live tonight, which is funny to begin with, but he just said said, “If you don’t know a Michael Scott, then you probably are one.” Ha, so true.)

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for all you dedicated fans out there who check this every morning waiting for an entry from yours truly, i have to apologize. i realize that i have been very inconsistent in my blogging, and so i have added “blogging more” to my list of things i need to do this summer. this week that list consists of the following:  


-learning how to sit still again (for those of you who know me well, all my efforts from last semester have run dry and my busy-body tendencies are BACK…get down on your knees for that one)

-weening myself off desserts. ouch. 

-cooking an some type of international cuisine (indian? thai? hopefully something with curry…)

-taking more pictures

-finishing up east of eden

-stop making so many lists- i’ll start that one tomorrow.

-blog more


hopefully i’ll be able to scratch off that last one so that you can see more frequent updates from me on here. but for now, here’s what’s going on in my life…


job: i’m in full time nanny mode these days. aka. mom mode. my job basically consists of taking driving around two of the cutest kids you’ll ever meet to their various planned out activities/camps all summer. we go to hockey, art camps, tennis practice, swim practice, soccer practice, cheerleading, etc. you name it, these kids do it. they are very well versed. i will take some pictures of them and put them up here soon.


graduation weekend: my little brother graduated (ptl). lots of gibsons/blacks came into town for the festivities which was so wonderful. the dynamics of my family are hilarious and i wish you could all be there to watch…let me just say that if you ever have the chance to attend any type of event where my whole family is there- GO! (which is really only at high school graduations, weddings, and funerals so you take your pick on that one) i can assure you that you won’t be disappointed (even if you pick the funeral).  here are some photographic highlights from the weekend.


my brother


family softball game. my grandmother wanted to play. bless her soul. 


andrew and my mom watching the 10 minute episode of maw maw trying to bat. 




team photographs. gibsons verse blacks. gibsons win. (duh?)


like i said earlier, it was a really good time.


i also had a wonderful sunday in the city which i will write a separate entry for sometime tomorrow. 


i’ll be back soon! 





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Math… at DINNER?!

As mentioned on June 7th, my family (and friends that feel like family) have been going to a Thai restaurant in Huntsville, creatively named Thai Garden, every friday night since I can remember. And it’s really fabulous because when your that regular at a restaurant who’s management and waitresses (that’s right… only females) have not changed in 15 years, you establish the kind of relationship where these people become part of the friends that feel like family and you celebrate engagements, complain about school, invite each other to Christmas parties and do other personal things of the such. Besides the general joy that comes from this so-much-more-than-waitress/customer relationship, the best part of it is that all the other customers are totally jealous that you are such an insider as your waitress does not ask for orders… only recites them, person by person, to confirm that they are having the usual (“Holly, #40, chicken with 3 stars?” “yes, ma’am!” “Tina, pad thai, beef, native?” “Yep!” “Bob, #36, chicken with 2 stars?” “No, I’m going to do #22… still chicken and 2 stars though.” “Oh wow, changing it up on me! I hope the kitchen can handle it.”). Don’t you, SO, want to be a part of this? Ok, we are snobs. And we know the entire restaurant isn’t actually wishing they were with us. It’s probably more of a frustration, than anything, for your waitress to not be filling up your drink because she is chatting it up with the party of 10.

So tonight, like every other friday night ever (serious this time… it really is ever), at 6:10 I walk in (late) to see my Dad, Tina and our friends Meredith and McKenzie sitting at a table. I walk over and sit down… it’s silent, which is odd, and upon closer observation I see my dad’s place mat covered with math. Meredith has a notebook also covered with the like and McKenzie, age 9, has her head down on the table. Tina looks at me and says, “Bob is helping Meredith with Calculus homework. This is the worst Friday night ever.” I concur and start making jokes about what is happening… that it’s completely ridiculous that they are doing this at friday night T.G. and that it’s ruining the vibe for the rest of the group (i.e. Tina and I, as we are the only ones who can’t even remember our multiplication tables). Tina joins in the mockery and Mac keeps her head down on the table. We decided that she will be following our footsteps to a liberal arts degree. Jane (waitress) walks up with a Thai tea for me and says to Dad and Meredith, “I think I figured it out! Look” and she hands them a napkin with a numbery mess on it. Dad shoots her down, explaining why her answer doesn’t work, and back to the drawing board it is. Jane pulls up a chair and for the next 15 minutes, they do math. It was horrible. Somewhere during this period (it’s really a big blur) my brother comes in and joins the rave while Tina and I make up complex sentences for each other to graph. How did I come from such people? They did math at the dinner table! And Jane, getting her master’s in English, helped them, the little traitor!

So, needless to say… dinner was abnormally long tonight. We also had a spelling bee with Noina, a waitress who moved to Huntsville about 3 years ago from Thailand. Jane, who was raised in the states, gave her the word ‘Unicorn’ and Noina spelled it correctly but then asked ‘what does it mean?’ I’m surprised that unicorns never came up in ESL classes…? Then Jane made Noina tell us about her life in English because she is working on picking up the speed of her speech. We asked her all kinds of questions like what the name of her street is, where in Thailand she is from, etc. The best answer was in response to the question of how she met her husband, who we knew is American. THE INTERNET! They both were participants in a forum concerning the politics of Thailand and they shared similar views on almost every issue. Cosmic eh? Now, why an American is spending time in Thai political forums and how it turned romantic for Noina and her husband is a mystery. But we now know that sweet Noina met her husband on the Internet and if Noina can do it, I can too… which is why I registered on eharmony tonight. Kidding. I think it requires money (which I do not have)… and desperation (which I also do not have… yet).

Other musings of the week include:

1. Making the decision to discipline myself to not bite my nails… again. 

2. Hanging out with my cynical Grandmama who was visiting from California. Nothing nice to say here so I will be vague.

3. Losing an infinite number of games of tennis… which I’m okay with. While I might be very prideful in many subjects, athleticism is not one of them.

4. Trying to apply logic to my mom’s outlandish statements like, “You know what Holly, I think those brown recluses are demons!” It’s true… she said that.

4. Reading Hosea. And learning to repent (ouch). I guess its more like folding my resistance to the dirty little task of freedom.

5. And last, but certainly not least, hanging out with new UAH friends, who are a saving grace to the bite of loneliness that is Huntsville, Alabama if you are over the age of 18 but under the age of 30.

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