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vice #549

this is why i watch this show.


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gally ho

when i was home last week we took a little excursion to yosemite. i’m going to post pictures, but i dont really think there is a way to capture a place like that. you just need to go.


a)my dad wore a polo to hike in. b)even though we kept sneaking up behind him to put it down, he kept his collar popped the whole day to “keep the sun off his neck.”





apparently, woodland animals in yosemite pose for pictures.



4 miles+ 27 mosquito bites+ 4 cliff bars+  4000 feet + a sunburn (the crispy kind)+ 8 jello-y legs later….we made it to the top of yosemite falls. worth it.


at the end of that river is this…



definitely makes the top 3 vacation list.

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yesterday we celebrated dad. he’s the greatest and so we threw him a rockin’ low country boil bash. the night included all his favorite things:


fat tire,



and lots of family+friends.



my dad is really cool for a lot of reasons. highlights:

+he lives in california but still says ya’ll

+best hugger I know, hands down

+he knows one song on the piano. ever since i can remember, i’ll wake up to fur elise playing over and over and over

+he met my mom on an airplane and proposed to her in france

+he selflessly+lovingly gives his life away for my family every day

he’s a picture of jesus to me and i love him a TON

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yesterday was a day of adventuring. there is something magical about california because you can hike through fields into enchanted forests and over mountains and then back out to see the ocean…in one afternoon.

BLOG1meet adam. he’s my cousin and he’s normally not faceless. he taught us about a flower, native to the bay area, that blasts off like a rocket when twisted a certain way. if you look close, you can see the explosion. 
BLOG2that purple-ish plant is called a nettle. who knew. 


i was in the company of two long legged boys and one work-out-hiking-queen, so i lagged behind the entire time…it worked out to my advantage because i got to sing out loud to myself all day. and take cool pictures from behind. 


andrew doesn’t like this picture because he as an image to uphold or something. i don’t really care what he thinks. 

BLOG6enchanted forest…

BLOG7and big trees. really big red ones. 


and a ladder in the middle of the forrest. definitely built by trolls.

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why am i obsessed with anything that involves love story by taylor swift?

also. why am i up when the rest of the world is asleep? a series of unfortunate events that involved a cup of coffee+my weak stomach+traveling all day+weird time changes.

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why i love sharing a bedroom

3:23 AM: light goes on in our bedroom

me: wake up
holly: frantically searching around her bed
me: “holly, what are you doing”
holly: “getting up”
me: “why? holly, what are you looking for”
holly: gets back in bed and looks all over her covers: “you think i’m asleep, but i’m not, i’m awake”
me: “hahaha holly what are you looking for?”
holly: “see you think. you think!”
me: loling
holly: “you think. you think! you think!”

3:24 AM- holly turns out the light and goes back to sleep

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in my attempts to surpass holly’s number of blog postings, i will continue to post-even if it means i have to get on here every day. sorry if you miss holly. she’ll be back one day, when she stops being so busy writing for newspapers and important things. for now, i’ve got important randoms to share.

1. my favorite perfume is marc jacobs daisy. this morning i read daisy described as “classic, with a touch of whimsy.” maybe that’s why i like it. i think that probably describes my taste for everything in life (along with “urban farmhouse” which is a whole other topic in itself).

2. these are the songs that keep me going right now:
the longer i run- peter bradley adams
let it ride- ryan adams
guardian- sandra mccracken
vegetable car- joshua radin
psalm 131- waterdeep
far away- ingrid michaelson
if i had a boat- lyle lovett
the one i love- david gray

3. tuesday night bible study is quickly becoming the highlight of my summer. there is a group of us who have committed to getting together to study hebrews and pray for each other. i came into this summer expecting jesus to do big things in my heart…and, go figure, he hasn’t let me down. i know i’m here in auburn- quiet, peaceful, sleepy auburn- to grow. to fall more deeply in love with my sweet source of strength and salvation. i am so, so thankful for this group of girls.

4. everyone said that the best thing about auburn summers is hanging out with people you normally don’t get to see very often. agreed.

5. i’m going home next week and i couldn’t be more excited. as much as it sucks that going home is such an elaborate ordeal and i can’t just get in the car and go- i appreciate the short amounts of time we have so much more. 

6. things that i get to do this summer since i have so much free time: lay out and play music. a) i’m turning slightly ethnic. prepare yourself. b)my soul is more complete when i play music. i’m realizing that its one of those things i just can’t give up and i have to do, no matter how busy i am. it keeps me alive.

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