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pinching my pennies

since i normally fall asleep during movies, I’m not a big movie buff or anything. however, there are three movies coming out that I am simply dying to see. ah!

after the midnight showing of HP last night, plus these three gems, i’m going have to live off of pb&j so that i can invest in seeing all these movies. 9.50 a ticket. seriously?


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if only cooking was really this beautiful

if this website doesn’t make you want to whip out your spatula mixing bowls, i don’t know what will.

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three L’s

love:  the color melon. On my finger and toe nails, on my shoes, and on my walls (if my tasteful roommate/faithful blogger/meagan will give way to her less tasteful color-explosion lover of a girl).

loathe: that those perfectly-melon colored tennis kicks were out in my size. 

life is: all about the people. amen?


{surprised to see that it’s me, holly? i am back, friends!}

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