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Here’s something fun. Just plug in your website and it creates this fun little type illustration using text from your website. Here’s our WORDLE.


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“Hey, remember when you used to have a blog?” –Emily Lewis

My apologies to you multitudes of faithful readers faithful few. <insert excuse of choice (class is busy, I write too much elsewhere, I’ve just been reading my Bible so much, curing cancer, ending poverty, started watching Friday Night Lights on dvd, etc.) here.> I have a test in 4 hours, and right now is a good example of “times I shouldn’t be blogging.”

BUT, y’all.

There is a man in the library wearing a ghostbusters shirt vacuuming shelves of books with a backpack vacuum. So basically, he looks like this.


Minus the suit + ghostbusters tee. This is Ralph Brown Draughon Library, ladies and gentlemen.

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