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Downtown Church

Y’all, have you heard Patty Griffin’s new album, “Downtown Church”? It’s flaming awesome, and  I just learned it was recorded in the sanctuary of a church in downtown Nashville AND is dedicated to the homeless of Nashville. Go patty!

Also, I have spring fever like nobody’s business, and I want this dress.

Part of me feels like if I buy it, spring will come faster. It’s the same part that thinks that if I don’t think about graduation it won’t happen. The world would be so much better if it operated according to my imagination.


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Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays my class schedule is this:

8:00 yoga
9:00 tennis
12:00 photojournalism

This means that everywhere I go between tennis and photo j, I am carrying a yoga mat, a tennis racket and a camera. Just call me hobby girl. AnnaMc says the only thing I’m missing is one of those tubes that you put blue prints in. Ya know, like this:

Except I would definitely need to use that should strap, or I would need one of those roller backpacks that over-protective moms make their kids use instead of normal backpacks because they are better for your back. Ya know, like this:

except big enough to fit a yoga mat, a tennis racket, a camera and a blueprints tube.

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pete or sam?

Tart yogurt… heard of it? It’s like frozen yogurt… but not sweet. It’s like the consummation of sweet and sour but the result isn’t sweet or sour. Like when two really attractive people have a baby and you think it’s going to really cute and it comes out with red hair. Is it going to be a Pete or is he going to be a Sam Brown? You just never know.

Meagan and I don’t disagree on many things. The only thing I can come up with is that Meagan loves oatmeal, and I’m indifferent towards it. Meagan used to not like headbands with stuff on them, but now she does. I used to not like cropped jeans, but now I do. Once I wanted to paint our room melon, but Meagan talked me out of it. None of these are really disagreements, but they are all I can think of.

Today: disagreement.

H: Getting tart yogurt is like when you go to get sprite out of a fountain drink machine and you take a sip and realize that the syrup machine was empty so you get a mouthful of seltzer water, and it’s gross.
M: THAT IS NOT TRUE. It’s a national sensation!! It’s an acquired taste, like making out.

Like making out. And it’s coming to Auburn.

Like, coffee, red wine, yoga, (500) Days of Summer, wheat bread and Danskos? I’ll give it a third shot, but only because it’s a national sensation. Like the shake weight.

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