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two years ago, when holly went to Spain, she brought me back a pair of lovely yellow espadrilles. the first time i put them on i realized that a)my new favorite color was yellow and b)i would never take them off. the espadrilles and i graced many sidewalks, fields, and grassy medians with our presence, however, after about three months of wear, i realized that the espadrilles weren’t doing well. i don’t think they had the stamina to survive my rugged lifestyle. they fell apart. literally.

i’ve been on the hunt for over a year for another pair of espadrilles, and i’ve finally decided that I’m just going to have to order them from Spain…In case you have been looking for a pair, here they are!

now I just have to pick a color. any suggestions?


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today i’m thinking that…

if i had this bag, in yellow, i would be so ready for graduation. and a job. it’s so chic. so professional. so fun. so bright. and oh so efficient!

if i had this bag , in yellow, i think “come to me” by Koop would be playing softly in the background of my young professional life.

if i had this bag , in yellow, i would certainly need an iphone, new sunglasses, and a light, new macbook to fill it’s pockets.

but tomorrow, when my daydreams are feeling less new-york-professional, and more denver-professional, i’ll probably want this bag, and a new yoga mat.

ohhh the choices.

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Happy Valentines Day, all! Ours was filled with fresh cut flowers, deadly amounts of sugar, time with loved ones, a little bit of snow, and we hope yours was too!

Our only disappointment from today was that we didn’t receive any romantic paraphernalia from the person who searched for “really attractive people” and found us. The postal service is so unreliable.

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This is where my unrealistic expectations of finding beautiful things in thrift stores comes from.

This horrible 80’s wedding dress went from this,

to this,

Seriously? What vision! Even if I found the original (which, let’s be clear.. no one ever finds things this good in real-life thrift stores), I don’t know if I would have seen past the sleeves.

I’m so inspired.

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did you know…

…that 49 out of the 50 United States got snow yesterday?

You know what that means. The snowstormofthecentury2010 flew over auburn yesterday….so kind of him to stop by!

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thank you, google

WordPress, in all her majesty, lets us see what people type into search engines to find A Little Seed, A Little Water, and usually, most of the words come from movie quotes that people are looking for and that we have also mentioned here. Today, however, is different. Please look at our top searches.

My first question is this. Who is the person that googled “really attractive people?” I think “model” might have yielded better results.

My second question is the one I know we are allĀ asking. How did google know?

We have no idea, but we would like to thank google for the confidence boost. As for the mystery internet searcher, we hope you found what you were looking for.

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A couple of nights ago, Laura, Jame and I, in the mood in the mood for some oriental food (sing it), set sail for Fine Garden, a Chinese buffet attached to a Best Western in the heart of beautiful Auburn. Let me tell you some things that you shouldn’t say about a Chinese restaurant and its food.

1. “attached to a Best Western”
2. “This tastes like pizza.”
3. “Those pieces of sweet and sour chicken look like tiny, slaughtered pigs.”

Now let it be known that I’m not easily grossed out by food, but y’all. The sweet and sour chicken, deep fried and kind of pink (???), really did look like tiny pig’s bodies. Who can keep eating after that thought enters your head, much less take home leftovers? Waste.


I am mad that this free commodity was given to Ellen. For obvious reasons, waste.

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