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Faithful a little seed, a little water readers, can you believe it’s been nearly two years since this chick hatched? How time flies when you are driving across the nation, fighting homesickness, making cookies, doing yoga in your bedroom, sucking on toes, sleep walking, vacationing for free, turning 22, becoming a professional, and being really attractive people.

But you know what they say. All good things must come to an end. Luckily, at this end lies a beginning! Namely, hollyandmeagan.com.

You heard right, ladies and gents. No more of that dot-wordpress-dot-com biz. hollyandmeagan.com is our name, chronicling is our game.

So, hollyandmeagan.wordpress.com, here’s lookin’ at you, kid. As for the rest of you, update your google readers, change your bookmarks, and tell your friends to meet us on the other side. Everyone’s doing it.


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Happy Valentines Day, all! Ours was filled with fresh cut flowers, deadly amounts of sugar, time with loved ones, a little bit of snow, and we hope yours was too!

Our only disappointment from today was that we didn’t receive any romantic paraphernalia from the person who searched for “really attractive people” and found us. The postal service is so unreliable.

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thank you, google

WordPress, in all her majesty, lets us see what people type into search engines to find A Little Seed, A Little Water, and usually, most of the words come from movie quotes that people are looking for and that we have also mentioned here. Today, however, is different. Please look at our top searches.

My first question is this. Who is the person that googled “really attractive people?” I think “model” might have yielded better results.

My second question is the one I know we are all asking. How did google know?

We have no idea, but we would like to thank google for the confidence boost. As for the mystery internet searcher, we hope you found what you were looking for.

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so much to ballyhoo about!!

1. only 3 more days of academia in the 2008-2009 school year! holly- 3 finals away from victory; meagan- 2.

2. Holly is getting bangs on tuesday. potential disaster… I know. but all the best things in life come with risk. living on the edge is the only way to live.

3. one by one, our friends are being sucked into the blogosphere and we LOVE it! looks who’s here!


trent williamson! ya’ll, he really is an american hero. He has been our faithful friend since the beginning of freshman year, but it feels like we’ve know him forever because he’s just so great. the boy has the best manly-decorated bedroom ever and with impeccable music taste, a new holga, classic levis [always rolled up, of course], and a sweet recycling system, this south carolina boy is hip without trying. On any given friday night you can find him whipping up a batch of boiled peanuts for friends, and even if you can’t make it, this dependable texter is just a message away… Also, he’s a rock star young life leader. We wish that we were high school boys so that he would come eat lunch with us 3 times a week. Check him out! He says that he is only going to post videos, but he is so witty… he will have to fold and let his light shine occasionally. For real, you can’t talk to him without a smile, but beware- he might try to kiss you in public. on the mouth.




in 9 days we are going to the lovely state of VA! because, who doesn’t feel totally in their element on a road trip? and with Seattle off the radar, these two girls need a little adventure. We want to drive to Maine but we don’t have time and don’t have anywhere to stay anyway (inconvenient details, you are dead to me), but em and blair are coming along for the ride and we plan to do lots of blue ridge highway cruising and hiking and things of the like. We’re just a little sad that seattle didn’t work out because now we don’t get to drive through kansas



meagan bought this kickass candle a couple of days ago and it smells divine. being confined to a 12×8 study isn’t so bad when you’re listening to The Weepies and breathing in Capri Blue: Black Currant & Cassis. Anthropologie, thank you for taking care of lots of our senses!

6. We learned the secret to making honeysuckle ice cream!!!!!!!!!! Holly already told you our back fence is covered…you know what that means…we’re having honeysuckle ice cream with our berry cobbler. 



meet traveler. on saturday, our friend, joe, is leaving on a jet plane to london and this loveable pup is shacking at 524 for half of the summer. traveler loves vanilla ice cream with dog treats from bruster’s, car rides, and being everyone’s friend. 


The only sad thing about right now is that lots of jems are graduating and moving out of the 1 mile radius that we all live in now. But we are looking forward to seeing where they go and what God does in their lives. And we can’t wait to go visit them in all the fun places they will be, like Buena Vista, Maui and Nashvegas. Just tonight, we promised our soon-to-be-newlywed-friends, David and Callie, we’d visit them in Dallas soon!

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Our Obsession.

OK I hope you are ready for this.

We are obsessed with our roommate Monica. She is our favorite past-time.



she's the brunette. isn't she spectacular?

she's the brunette. isn't she spectacular?

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yoga in our bedroom, on a hard wooden floor
is the best way to strengthen your mind and your core
light a candle, grab your mat, tomorrow you’ll be sore
so turn down the lights for flexibility galore

sun salutations in the morning time of day
chaturanga tones the arms for tank tops in May
downward dog, the staple pose, find your center here and stay
but instead of huming Om, use the silent times to pray 


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happy birthday hannah!!



i was just flexing my butt muscles so i could look at my dimples in the mirror and i found this bruise…

-monica afanador

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