A couple of nights ago, Laura, Jame and I, in the mood in the mood for some oriental food (sing it), set sail for Fine Garden, a Chinese buffet attached to a Best Western in the heart of beautiful Auburn. Let me tell you some things that you shouldn’t say about a Chinese restaurant and its food.

1. “attached to a Best Western”
2. “This tastes like pizza.”
3. “Those pieces of sweet and sour chicken look like tiny, slaughtered pigs.”

Now let it be known that I’m not easily grossed out by food, but y’all. The sweet and sour chicken, deep fried and kind of pink (???), really did look like tiny pig’s bodies. Who can keep eating after that thought enters your head, much less take home leftovers? Waste.


I am mad that this free commodity was given to Ellen. For obvious reasons, waste.


from Simply Breakfast

Because it’s winter, and who doesn’t need more vitamin c?… because I like tart in the morning…. but mostly because it looks so wonderful in colorful bowls. And looking good is what breakfast is all about. Ask my mug collection.

Two Decembers ago, I briefly mentioned needing to learn my lesson in regards to caffeine because it makes me feel like a CRAZY PERSON sometimes.

Well, I haven’t learned my lesson, and clearly Jesus hasn’t come back yet, but I have semi-successfully introduced caffeine into my life. One cup of coffee in the morning and I feel like one hundred dollars! It’s great, except today I woke up with a headache. No big deal because before yoga this morning Laura happened to have a bottle of Excedrin, and I popped two.

So, the caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee pumping is through my veins. This might be acceptable for the normal 22-year-old coffee drinker, but not this 22-year-old coffee drinker.

Do you know what it feels like attempt yoga poses that you already can’t do while you feel like you are going to have a seizure? It’s unpleasant.

But lo, I will overcome! For I am a survivor!

The bottom line: I’m just not willing to give up a great morning ritual. Also, if I’m to wake up before 8am, I need some help.

Luckily, when the power went out at 524 went out on Friday night, I was already doing what you should be doing when the power goes out: playing Things (the best gave ever) with a mass of lovely ladies in pajamas. It’s a wild life I lead down here in Auburn, Ala.

What is it about the power going out that just makes everything more fun? It’s like pretending you’re in Little House on the Prairie for one night, but you can play background music on your laptop! It’s just awesome.

AND what it is about the power going out that automatically makes you talk about demons? They are no more real without power than they are with it, and it just makes you scared to go to the bathroom by yourself. Luckily, we had thousands of candles so it wasn’t really that dark. Nonetheless, you can see from this picture that we were terrified.

In other weekend news, did you see how bad Taylor Swift was on the Grammy’s? I feel bad for her because she seems so nice, and all everyone is talking about is how in the world she won two Grammy’s when she performs like that , including me. But come on, t swift. If you are going to win Grammys, you need a good ear and some performance skills.

On the other hand… Lady Antebellum is the jam. Imjustsayin.

Downtown Church

Y’all, have you heard Patty Griffin’s new album, “Downtown Church”? It’s flaming awesome, and  I just learned it was recorded in the sanctuary of a church in downtown Nashville AND is dedicated to the homeless of Nashville. Go patty!

Also, I have spring fever like nobody’s business, and I want this dress.

Part of me feels like if I buy it, spring will come faster. It’s the same part that thinks that if I don’t think about graduation it won’t happen. The world would be so much better if it operated according to my imagination.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays my class schedule is this:

8:00 yoga
9:00 tennis
12:00 photojournalism

This means that everywhere I go between tennis and photo j, I am carrying a yoga mat, a tennis racket and a camera. Just call me hobby girl. AnnaMc says the only thing I’m missing is one of those tubes that you put blue prints in. Ya know, like this:

Except I would definitely need to use that should strap, or I would need one of those roller backpacks that over-protective moms make their kids use instead of normal backpacks because they are better for your back. Ya know, like this:

except big enough to fit a yoga mat, a tennis racket, a camera and a blueprints tube.